Thursday, June 26, 2008

vuboq style

Good day Kittens!

Ellen realizes that it's fantabulously humid today so the hair is even more unruly. Oh well!
No work to do today, so its a good day for just blobbing on the couch watching recordings of Shear Genius. I may make something delicious from the garden later, probably with my basil left after I made some basil and dandelion martinis. *yum*

speaking of not so *yum* I made a beefy Italian pasta casserole thing last night, but it was too, *cough* beefy. Beef is like that.

Before I make my delicious dinner, the NSHH (not-so-hot-hubby) will be coming home and we'll celebrate our 9th Anniversary! Probably not with butt-secks, but perhaps with some other kind. Doubtful, though, its is too messy and the humidity tends to kill the mood.

More later....

Ok, its later and guess what?!? The hubby came through with the secks!! now for some Friday minty vodka! *yum*


vuboq said...

haha. you are silly! *smooches*

bala wala shi بلا ولاشي said...

this is hillarious! it is sooooooo vuboq. i think you should win!